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Christmas Hallows
Christmas Hallows
Christmas Hallows

Christmas Hallows

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Hedwig loves the holiday season, so is taking in the view from on top of the Tree of Christmas!

* 1.5" wide, just over 1.25" tall soft enamel pin with metal clasp backing
* polished metal finish
* BUNCEandBEAN backstamp & card backing
* corkies NOT included

It is believed that whoever succeeds in uniting all three of the Hallows (Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, and Cloak of Invisibility) would become the Master of Death.

Congratulations, you have succeeded in being cheerful enough to wear the Christmas Hallows, the best Deathly Hallows holiday pin ever created, ever.

** The Tree of Christmas, the Ornament of Festivity, the Cane of Candy **

 ~~~~~~~~ < ~~~~~~~~ < ~~~~~~~~ < ~~~~~~~~ < ~~~~~~~~ < ~~~~~~~~

 ** / Harry Potter Magic Hogwarts Holiday - Cane of Candy - Tree of Christmas - Ornament of Festivity **

Our items are designed exclusively by BUNCEandBEAN artists with lasers and magnifying cats, so you know it's legit. Also, we are extremely cool. It's the truth. We serve up funky fresh pins and decent rhymes. No posers here, thanks. Just wicked sweet merch. 

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I've got whozits & whatzits galore. You want thingamabobs? I've got twenty! Custom-cork magnet CORKIES to display your pin collection in a "grown-up" way. Shh, don't tell your mom. 

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Check out our lovingly upcycled custom frames with character and history, fabulous found fabrics and posters with charm, all made to be practically perfect in every way to display pins, lego figures, jewelry, photos, notes, wedding cards, nursery keepsakes!

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